YO! Disco

Tasked with creating a group of characters for a new electro club night called ‘yodisco’ we came up with this bunch …

” In a just-about apocalyptic future where energy is harvested through listening to music, a manic democracy of greedy upper class bore’s known as ‘The Big Wigs’ banned music among the population – thriving on it’s power.

With greedy aristocrats in control of music it downspiralled into currency & ‘creativity’ effectively ceased to exist around the world.

A group of low life teens led by Disco, take it upon themselves to help bring music back to the population of their hometown after discovering the hidden LP collection of Disco’s missing Father ‘Dee Jay’. They now take the best eclectic music from the rich and mix & scratch into the night to the poor!

Will they be able to liven up their town and overthrow the Big Wigs? Will Disco ever find his father? And just how good was music back in the early 21st century?

Find out with YO! Disco! “

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