Meridian Financial

Meridian Financial brand, logo, identity & corporate square brochure design & layup

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  • Ailbhe Cashman


    I’m a student in my final year of Graphic Design in Sunderland Uni. I was looking up graphic designers in the area and came across your site and really liked what I saw. I especially liked the project for Meridian as it was nice and contemporary instead of the usual financial sort of stuff which I thought was really cool.

    I am just writing to ask if you wouldn’t mind taking a moment of your time to have a quick look at my Behance portfolio (don’t worry, I’ve kept it short and sweet!) and offer a quick critique, I’m really anxious to get some feedback from someone in the industry on my work and I really liked your style.
    Thanks a mil for taking the time to read this email,

    Ailbhe Cashman (it’s pronounced ‘Alva’ if you’re wondering, I’m Irish!)


    January 20, 2015 Reply

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